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Kansas City Picture

Kansas City

The City of Fountains is practically overflowing with adventure. Whether it's the scent of smoldering BBQ luring you to a plate of ribs, the sweet echo of jazz.

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Overland Park Picture

Overland Park

Raising a family in Overland Park with outstanding schools, that's a safe community, and offers affordable housing are some of the attributes that make us the No. 1 in the nation in 2015's Best City for Families.

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Independence Picture


Today, people from all over the world come to Independence to dive deep into history's past and enjoy the pleasures of modern day amenities.

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Lee's Summit Picture

Lee's Summit

The history of Lee's Summit abounds with the tragedies and triumphs of courageous people who have never failed in their dream of creating a city that will continually progress and prosper.

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