Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Marketing services

"Our goal is to get you the best price obtainable, in the shortest possible time, with the least inconvenience to you."

A full listing consultation that includes:

  • Understanding your needs & timeline.
  • Viewing your home and taking detailed notes. What motivated you to buy your home and what are your favorite things about the house? What major home improvements have you made?
  • Analyzing your home and determining how to enhance it for a maximum price in the least time.
  • Customizing a marketing action plan to sell your home.
  • Reviewing a Special Pricing Report prepared specifically for your home.
  • Discussing the absorption rate for your community
  • Discussing a home warranty plan to optimize marketability and decrease your liability.

Some services included in our Marketing Action Plan:

  • REALTOR open house
  • Open houses as needed
  • Detailed internet marketing program
  • Fax blast marketing to database of Realtors
  • Direct marketing campaign to prospects
  • Weekly reports
  • Present all offers
  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Monitor the entire closing process
  • Help you find your new home
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